Need a bond? It helps you pay towards your family’ school fees.

Secure a home loan AND get up to R816 added to your bursary every month.

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About the partnership

Need a bond? Easy HomeLoans will:

  • Negotiate with all the banks on your behalf.
  • Get you the most competitive bond available.
  • Add R100 – R816* every month to your School-Days bursary, for your entire first year of your home loan, if you’re a School-Days member.

*Depending on the size of your home loan.

*Paid over the first year (12 months) of your home loan.

Here’s how to build your bursary with Easy HomeLoans:
  • Join School-Days
  • Log in to your School-Days dashboard, click Easy HomeLoans on our Partners page and send your home loan enquiry.

  • A consultant will call you back to find out more about your home loan needs.
  • Secure your home loan with easy HomeLoans and get between R100 and R816 per month added to your bursary, for a whole year.*
Please note:
  • Easy HomeLoans cannot assist those under Debt Review.

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