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School-Days provides the platform for you to build your bursary.

How to build your bursary

Link Up with
Spend Partners

Shop with our community of Spend Partners and earn future-proof edu-currency in the form of paid-for days of school.

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Team Up with
Family & Friends

Join family and friends to your bursary, so that their edu-currency adds up with yours and your child’s bursary keeps growing.

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Stock Up with
our Shopping Card

Upgrade and earn even more with the
School-Days Shopping Card while you stock up on items from additional retailer outlets nationwide.

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Boost Up with
Direct Contributions

Boost your bursary with your own direct contributions or with gifts from family and friends.

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Receive bonuses – The more active you are, the more bonuses we add to your bursary. It’s our gift to you.

Paying your education fees with School-Days

When you are ready to use your edu-currency, we will pay your chosen school, college or university directly.

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Ways to make it work

Let's compare two families. Family A and Family B plan on paying similar amounts in school fees. Both families also only have 200 days of school per year that need to be paid.

*These calculations are based on school fees of R3000 per month, for the period of 10 months.

Family A Two-year-old daughter

Family B Twelve-year-old son

Two friends Team Up and spend at School-Days Spend Partners

The grandparents Team Up as supporters and shop at School-Days Spend Partners

Both the parents and grandmother Stock Up using the School-Days Shopping Card

The parents Stock Up with household items

The family Boosts Up with monthly contributions of R180

The family Boosts Up with monthly contributions of R450

Total paid-for days of school 400

Total paid-for days of school 200

By the time she is 14 years old and enters high school, her first two years will be fully paid.

By his 16th birthday, they have enough paid-for days of school to cover his matric year.

Both families enjoy bonuses from School-Days for being active members and for using all the School-Days building blocks available to them.

Start building for your children's future, today.

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